what motivates women to work in tech

What motivates women to work in tech?

What motivates women to work in tech? As women working in the tech capital of The Netherlands while sipping from our coffee and enjoying the touch of sun on our skins, we couldn’t help but wonder: Who are the ladies working in tech at this very moment? Why are they building careers in this field of work? 

More news about women in tech

Thank god(dess) there are more women joining the spectacular world of innovation! They either work as employees for tech corporates or they found companies themselves. It seems the topic of #womenintech is on the map. The Dutch Accenture Innovation Awards is this time dedicated to women and named the potential start ups run by women. In the list we see our baby smart blanket friends from Hugsy. Also Eveline Klumpers with her company Katalysis was there. Did you know she started out in the beauty industry as a hairdresser? At first she found a couple of very successful hairdressing shops but decided to do something entirely different! Maybe you don’t have to be tech to start a tech company.

What motivates women to work in tech?

Back to the question. What motivates women to choose for tech? Well, there are women who do it for the sake of technology while others really want to make an impact in the world.

One example of a woman who works in tech for the simple reason she loves her job is  Clara Otero Perez (Director Systems Innovation @ NXP). One day I met her for a television show with the theme #womenintech. You could say that Clara contradicts a this biological essentialist viewpoint about women that it’s our nature is just to ‘clean and cook’. However, Clara always loved science & tech and made an impressive career from her passion. Maybe this has nothing to do with having this urge as a woman to make the world a better place with technology. Interestingly enough, she said that in Spain her math teacher was a woman. This means technology was never a taboo field to work as a women. She just loved mathematics and science and followed her passion.

Anyhow, my math teacher was a woman but she never inspired me to like the subject. Independently if we like maths or not, Clara’s story made me think why we even ask women this question. Likewise we could ask why do women choose for a careers in healthcare or education. Why are we working at all? Is it because we want to make an impact  or bluntly said; we need to put food on the table?

It’s time to raise this question

Apparently the numbers don’t lie. Most of us don’t participate in technology. Maybe it is about time we should ask this question. Noteworthy, technology has potential to innovate our ways of living that comes in handy at a time of climate change and globalization. There are women in particular who see technology as a tool to make this a better world and it’s called ‘social impact’.

Social impact is a concern that characterizes many women in their work. Check the Scottish entrepreneur of the year Edel Harris with her social charity startup Cornerstone. Or what about my ultimate role model of woman in tech Ida Tin who founded the women’s health app ‘Clue’ with the mission to use data and science to understand female health? We love this! Can you think of other examples of women who work because they want to make an impact on the world?

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How many women do you know work in technology? Let us know because we want to shine a light on the pioneers of women in tech!